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Millennial Family Engagement Strategies

Millennial Family Engagement Strategies

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This PSFK guide is a special report for consumer goods companies, service providers and retailers on marketing to millennial parents and providing services and support to their families.


Executive Summary

Parenting is nothing new, but unlike previous generations, as digital natives are entering the cohort they are influencing the general needs and expectations around parenting lifestyle. There is growing demand from millennial parents for play-focused experiences that create child-parent bonding activities, plus there’s a desire to easily access experts at all stages of parenting. Savvy companies are not only capitalizing on the opportunities as brands and retailers step up as family partners but they are also creating innovative solutions that help them reach out to this segment of consumers and influence purchasing decision making. Specifically, they are using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to engage with these audiences, and they are leveraging mobile apps to deliver relevant content to those who want it most.

Report Overview

Millennials have become the largest demographic group within the parent population and brands and retailers need to adapt to meet the changing demands. In this report on marketing to millennial parents, PSFK researchers explore the opportunities that brands and retailers can leverage in order to appeal to modern families. Supported by best-in-class examples of innovation, understand the generational changes in the cohort and get to know how brands can engage and support in post-pandemic family routines and household decisions.

What You Will Learn From This Millennial Parent Report

  • How key parenting topics are influencing the expectations and the needs of the next generation of parents
  • How are brands supporting parents at all stages of parenthood with parenting advice: as prospective parents, as millennial fathers and the role of previous generations such as baby boomers.
  • Beyond traditional advertising, what are the new opportunities around the family cohort that brands can capitalize on
  • How is the baby and kids’ market evolving to cater to needs of millennial parents
  • How are brands fostering family connection in the post-pandemic landscape?
  • How to build trust among millennial parents
  • Marketing strategy options for brands to develop experiences that engage all family members at retail
  • What are the digital marketing initiatives to target millennial parents on social media platforms, parenting websites and other online experiences
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